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  • AI-driven investment returns that fight poverty
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What We Do

Channeling meaningful capital towards groups that fight poverty around the world.

Temporary Dropouts

Every year, millions of young adults drop out of school simply because they cannot afford living costs on top of tuition. We fund causes that provide capital to these students.

Temporary Street Pleaders

We believe that homeless individuals who plead for funds from strangers need more help than the small donations they receive. We fund organizations that empower people struggling to make ends meet.


Across the internet, people facing tough financial circumstances are asking for help via platforms like GoFundMe, as well as on decentralized forums. We fund organizations that focus on directing capital where it can make a real difference.

How It Works

We build automated investment strategies that fund organizations empowering people who need a boost. If you would like to get involved, we are happy to recommend causes we support.

Gitcoin Grants

We select grants created by organizations that are using decentralized finance and blockchain technology to empower people struggling to get by around the world.


Kiva crowdsources loans across the spectrum of needs globally to individuals and small groups. We provide capital in the categories of Refugees and Shelter.


We believe in serendipitious giving, finding people around the world who face tough circumstances to anonymously donate funds, helping people going through temporary rough patches.

Evidence Action

Evidence Action is a poverty reduction non-profit that also has an accelerator to incubate early-stage non-profit start-ups. We strongly beleive in this cause.

Why Are We Doing This?

We believe in not only teaching those in need how to fish, but providing a rod and reel, as well. Perhaps even some funding to pay the bills while learning.