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  • Better Public Goods on Planet Earth and the Metaverse
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What We Do

Channeling meaningful capital towards social good, we help people enhance their mental health, investment strategies and career development.

Temporary Dropouts

We coordinate with universities to give our information to students who show promise but might not continue university for financial reasons.

Temporary Street Pleaders

We engage with street pleaders to understand their stories. We provide those in need with resources to access individually curated financial literacy content and free desk space.

Metaverse Avatars

We engage in Decentraland to identify those who need help. We identify interest in expanding financial literacy and investment strategy education. We provide public spaces in the metaverse to talk and learn.

How It Works

We provide shared capital, tools and space to the temporarily unemployed.

1. Risk Management

We provide free, accessible materials on efficient portfolio diversification and other risk exposure minimization techniques.

2.NFTs For Good

We help individuals and organizations launch NFTs in the metaverse to raise funding for their initiatives.

3.Application Development Education

We provide resources that help our open community learn useful application development skills to automate tasks and improve analytical performance.

4.Career Development

We curate content and useful applications that help our open community, across the spectrum of career timelines, to enhance career opportunities and personal toolkits.

Why Are We Doing This?

We believe in not only teaching those in need how to fish, but providing a rod and reel, as well.