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  • Teaching the temporarily unemployed advanced financial literacy with meaningful capital
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What We Do

We identify people willing to invest their time to
change their circumstances

Temporary Dropouts

We coordinate with university counselors to give our information to students who show promise but might not graduate for financial reasons.

Temporary Street Pleaders

We engage with street pleaders to understand their stories. If there's a good fit, we provide those in need with resources to access impactful financial literacy content and a means to apply for a desk with us.

Social Media

We engage with GoFundMe and other crowdsourcing platforms to identify those who need help. We identify interest in expanding financial literacy and investment strategy education.

How It Works

We provide shared capital to the temporarily unemployed once they are ready. Those in need keep the profits. Before investments begin, we teach:

1. Risk Management

We teach stop loss positioning, efficient portfolio diversification, and other risk exposure minimization techniques.

2.Fundamentals & Technical Analysis

We connect the dots between fundamentals, sentiment and technical analysis for leverageable techniques to filter noise from signal.

3.Pinescript Programming

Automation of alerts and order execution is one of the most important recipes of successful active investment management long-term. We ensure our community is equipped with the proper tools.

4.Investment Bookkeeping

We teach how and when to pay taxes efficiently, along with financial reporting techniques that can prevent losses and perhaps one day attract more capital.

Why Are We Doing This?

We believe in not only teaching those in need how to fish, but providing a rod and reel, as well.